Counselling plus Reiki

You can enjoy the benefits of Reiki integrated with Counselling in order to help inspire you to make transformational changes in your life. I am highly skilled with working one-to-one with individuals looking to make significant changes in their lives. When you come in for a Counselling plus Reiki Session you will be able to take advantage of the deep healing and rejuvenation that Reiki provides, as well as, tackle specific core beliefs that may be creating challenges for you in your life. 

I deeply believe that people can transform their lives. Personal development and self-actualization can be achieved when we focus on the positive aspects of our lives, practice gratitude, and have an open heart and soul. Counselling plus Reiki can help you to achieve the best version of yourself, and help you to create the best version of your life. You are in control of creating the life that you want! Book today!