I have often used the metaphor of a caterpillar's journey to becoming a butterfly to describe what I feel the process of change to be like. There comes a time in the caterpillar's life when its very own skin no longer feels like it fits and it feels like there must be something more out there in the world beyond its safe environment. In order for the caterpillar to feel like it can begin the process of change it first has to build a very safe chrysalis to help protect itself as it makes this pivotal transformation. As the process continues, the caterpillar, feeling safely contained in its chrysalis, allows itself to let go of its old ways of being. It has to feel safe enough to trust this process completely before it is able to transform into a butterfly. Once completed it has now become a truly beautiful and fundamentally changed creature. It emerges from the safe chrysalis to explore the world. It can fly above, and see the familiar landscape from a whole new perspective.  I believe that therapy can be a place where you can allow yourself to let go of old patterns and old ways of being, and begin to find out how to re-create yourself. It is my goal as a counsellor to help you feel safe to make this transformative journey!