Mr. Robin Williams was a man that I had never met; yet he was a man that I felt connected to my entire life. I looked up to him, and have admired him for years. His public persona was engaging, happy, and charismatic. I first witnessed his comedic genius in films such as Mrs. Doubtfire, Hook, and Good Morning Vietnam. He was one of my favorite people to watch. Although Mr. Williams was a man that could bring me to tears from laughter, he also brought me to tears from experiencing sadness. His portrayal of the counsellor who had lost his wife in Good Will Hunting was haunting and so accurate that every time I watch the movie I feel a deep sense of connection to loss and grief.  I have long felt connected with his genuine portrayal of sadness, desperation, neurosis, and pain. He was able to truly connect with these deep dark places and show the world that underneath the smiling face their can lie a person who is haunted; A person who is lost, desperate and lonely. It has torn a piece of my heart away as I learn of Mr. Williams death and I feel so much for his family and friends and the hole that his death will leave. We so often think that a happy face means a happy soul and this is not always the truth. Sometimes the happiest people are putting on their best masks to fool the world, and underneath they are feeling hopelessness and despair. I wish that I could have somehow talked with Mr. Williams before he died to say that there is hope in this world. There is a light. Finding that light can feel exhausting and I can understand how people feel too tired to continue to fight. I do know that even though you are tired of fighting, there is always a thread that you can grasp if you can see it, and this thread will lead you to a place where there are people more than willing to help. I do wonder if fame got in the way of his journey to full recovery. Being in the public eye must have been draining for someone who was not feeling like they could be congruent. To those of you out there that feel the same way, please seek out some assistance. Talk to someone and let them know your thoughts. There is a path that leads to a long life.

It is with a heavy heart that I say that you will be greatly missed Mr. Williams.